The Attorney you want when you wish you didnt need an attorney


You will find that our billing rate is fairly competitive. We utilize technology to build efficiencies. We are extremely frugal and cost conscious. We take pride in the fact that we do not operate on a brick-and-mortar model which only tends to drive up cost. The result is that you pay for legal services and not for lavish office furnishings and infrastructure.

We at Ohye Law strive to provide the very best legal representation to everyone, this is why we offer a full range of options. For those who can afford it we offer a full boutique service where we take care of everything in your case and we will cater to your schedule. For our clients who need to be more budget conscious, we can still offer you the same level of zealous advocacy, but we will ask that you be the one who gathers a lot of the information, you provide us with copies, and you be flexible and tolerant with scheduling. By so doing, you can avoid paying for us to perform such administrative tasks.

While we are very sympathetic to our clients’ financial situations, what our business model will not allow us to do is extend credit to our clients. Even though we are cost conscious and frugal, the practice of law is extremely expensive. It is therefore that we must ask for a minimum engagement fee before we can begin working on your case, and we must also ask for prompt payment of our invoices.