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Amicable Resolutions

While some divorces are heavily litigated and may take months or years to resolve, others are more straightforward.  With an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on the central questions involved in the dissolution. They already know how assets and debts should be divided. They have agreed upon a custody arrangement and parenting plan. They’ve even come to terms with the division of real estate and other valuable property. This is also the best option for couples who are looking for a private divorce.

The Benefits

Uncontested divorces are the least expensive option when working through a separation.
Uncontested divorces promise swift and amicable resolutions. While the couple appears to be in agreement on all terms, it is still advisable to rely on competent legal advice throughout the process.
Uncontested divorces are also the best option for a confidential divorce.

Our Process

At Ohye Law, we take clients through every step of the uncontested divorce process. Since most of our Orlando clients are going through a first divorce, they are unfamiliar with the process. This may mean that they haven’t considered all aspects of their marriage dissolution yet.

The family law attorneys at Ohye Law ensure that all of the bases are covered so that our clients can have greater peace of mind throughout the process. They will know that all of their rights are being upheld and that they are participating in a fair and equitable exchange with their former spouse.

Common Mistakes

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to try to navigate an uncontested divorce in Orlando without the benefit of legal counsel. All too often, this turns out to be a mistake.

Even with the best intentions the “do it yourself” method could cost you big in the long run. Dividing of expenses and time with children normally turns south as parents don’t consider ALL the possibilities when entering into their agreements.
Even in the most clear-cut divorce cases, it is critical that appropriate, accurate dissolution paperwork be filed with the court. If mistakes are made or certain aspects are overlooked, the paperwork may be rejected by a judge. The result is that the couple must then begin the process again.

Our Commitment To You

When you work with the family law attorneys at Ohye Law, we will review any agreements that you have reached and provide our expert opinion about those agreements. We will also draft the documents to reflect your desired outcome. You can trust that the correct paperwork connected to your divorce is filed accurately and in a timely manner. Your divorce can be concluded with reasonable speed, leaving you and your family free to move forward.

Working with an experienced private divorce attorney also ensures that your former partner is more likely to stick to the terms of your agreement. Misunderstandings may be avoided, and if it appears that your spouse is not acting in good faith, then you will already have competent legal representation in place.

At Ohye Law, we are dedicated to achieving swift, amicable resolutions to uncontested divorces. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your rights are protected and that your court filings are complete and accurate, and will represent you to any necessary court appearances.



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